SimGuruGraham clarifies some video information

After the gameplay video that EA has released of the Sims 4, the community has some uncertainties about a few subjects. @SimGuruGraham gives some clarification about those uncertainties as well as some additional info. Read all the tweets about it here.

Full world map to choose lots to travel to from

Party goals are optional

Interaction queue still there

Current interaction shows on the left, more than one shows when multitasking

Traditional info panel (skills, relationships, aspiration) in bottom right

You can apparently minimize that general info panel

Visual info changed that moodlets communicate

Direct questions answered


What is Simology

Save where ever your Sims are

And when starting up again, you can choose which Sim to start with

“Chameleon buff”

No moving your Sims around with the “WASD” keys

Blog coming up about the fiction of the characters in the world

Objects that are deleted when placing a room will go in the family inventory

Death by laughter was set to happen more quickly

You can travel in various ways

The clouds floating over the Sims are current whims

Immediate party time!

Remove current whim with “x”

Colour of the whim indicates the emotion that triggered it.

Sims panicked because of the fire and ran away!

Graham had turned autonomy off

Stairs were removed for video aesthetics

Switch between Sims and households anytime

Stretch those stairs!

Button for “more choices” and “previous menu”

Comedy skill is separate from charisma

Bar that shows you the relationship with the person that you are interacting with. As well as their emotion.

Visit your neighbors whenever you like

You can ignore Auto save, it runs in the background and is there for back up

Move to another world or neighborhood without having to create a new save game.

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