Change the language of The Sims 4 without reinstalling.

The latest update of Origin comes with a great new update for The Sims 4! You can change the language of The Sims 4 easily without having to reinstall the entire game and change your Origin language. This is great for bilingual people like me who easily want to check something in English but prefer to play in Dutch!

Here are the steps to change the language:

1. In Origin right click on The Sims 4 and select ‘Game Properties’


2. In Game Language select the language you want

2015-06-02_19-39-18Read this article to understand what –no_tutorial means

3. The game will then repair your installation to update the language.


And that is it! Very easy!

Some side notes:
1. Even if you have the in game tutorial turned off with –no_tutorial, it will treat changing the language as a reinstall, and thus, the tutorial will start again. Haven’t tried it yet if you switch a previous installed language back.

2. Changing the language can create a new folder in your Electronic Arts folder. (for example, if you had it installed in Dutch, it would be “De Sims 4” before, after changing the language to English, it will add a new folder to “The Sims 4”). This means you might not have your old saved games. Start the game to check if they are there, if they are not, try this:
For this example I’m using the situation where the game was first installed in Dutch, and the language was changed to English.

  • Open the folder that you had before changing the language. (for example, Documents\Electronic Arts\De Sims 4)
  • Copy the entire folder “Saves” (Documents\Electronic Arts\De Sims 4\saves)
  • Open the folder of your new language game (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4) and Paste the ‘Saves’ folder that you copied in the previous step.
    It may be it asks you if you want to override, cancel, or merge. If you have no new saved games in the new language, you can just override.
  • Open the game again to check if the saved games are there now.

Good luck!

Author: Lebanna

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  1. I tried doing this and I can’t right click my game for some reason ://

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    • That is really odd. This may sound like a obvious question, but did you try in Origin or via a shortcut? Because it should be done in Origin.

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