The Sims 3

Dragon Valley Trailer – what do we all see!

Written by sww

In the trailer we can see:

  • Ruins,
  • mountains in the background,
  • the colours of the world looks a bit like The Sims Medieval world,
  • new male medieval clothing (knight and monarch like),
  • female medieval gowns (sexy and ‘regular’),
  • one new female hair? (chin length hair?)
  • big church like building in the background.


  • and DRAGONS


The ‘play with’ text is always also very informative. This is all the text that was mentioned in this trailer:

Play with Dragons, Eggs, Fire, Scales, Charms, Elves
Kilts (Moza is EXCITED about this, she is Scottish)
Bodices, Runes, Ruins, Belts, Spires, Tales, Tails, Nature, Music, Tents, Life

Here is the trailer:

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