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Recap of The Sims 3 Live Broadcast

The Bingo was in my opinion a success that I had fun with it and I hope you did too! I do think the SimGurus avoided a lot of the phrases. Though @simgurusmitty cannot help but laugh a lot! (I love her laugh)

Here is my Bingo sheet after the chat, only 5 squares crossed off! The Chat even started on time, there were no technical difficulties and the background music was not too loud!


Next time we are adding ‘very cool’ to the list of phrases, maybe a few more. We will also be asking your feedback soon what YOU think we should added to the list.

Now to the broadcast itself we had 3 parts to it, first an Island Paradise Demo, second a sneak peak for the next Stuff pack and finally a trailer for the new The Sims 3 world – Dragon Valley. We are listing quick bullet points  of the new things we saw. SimCookie has (as always) grabbed a lot of screenshots:

And to watch the Live Broadcast again, click here:

The Sims 3 Island Paradise

  • Resorts are just like your homelot, you can build/buy on them.
  • There is a Resort Management option that gives reviews like ‘can use a bar’
  • Amenities improve your Resorts’ score so you can
  • Stilted foundations that can create Piers
  • Pool Blueprints (PoolPrints), can create a pool easily which is awesome as I personally suck at them.
  • Condos in Blueprints
  • Pool Bars and Slides (we knew already but very awesome, needs to be mentioned again)
  • Surfboard Bench
  • Feedback from the visitors is given through Thought Buggles
  • Business Options – Hire Staff – Set Specials – Financial Overview
  • Funky Rabbit Hole (this is our name for it, you can upgrade it which adds more options)
  • Name Confirmed for Jetskis – Aqua Sled!
  • Name of the new world is: Isla Paradiso
  • Resorts can be built in any world
  • Can customize the uniform for the receptionist in the resort
  • New Greeting! Shaka Bar

The Sims 3 Movie Stuff

  • Villain, Western and Horror Items

The Sims 3 new store world

  • DRAGONS!! as pets? Maybe like birds?
  • Seems to be a Medieval type world
  • Text mentioned ‘Elves’
  • The Name is Dragon Valley

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