FreePlay: The Great Ghost Escape

The new quest “The Great Ghost Escape” is HERE!

Completing the quest will unlock at least 7 pieces of LIMITED EDITION content, and is only available until November 1st!

If you want this special content, you may want to act fast, as doing this will likely take up all the time you have until November 1st!

When you start up Sims FreePlay, a screen will ask if you want to participate in the quest. Selecting “Yes” won’t do anything bad, but it WILL reset your Ghost Hunting collections (Your skill level will stay), and add TWO new levels to the skill, bringing it up to a Lvl 8 max!

To complete the quest, you must level up your Sims to the new maximum level for ghost hunting, and capture every set of ghosts. There is a twist, though – SIX new ghosts have been added, and are locked at the new levels! And since new levels in any hobby take longer and longer to unlock, you should hurry up and get to it!

Completing each row of ghosts will reward with you a small portion of Limited Edition content, instead of rewarding you with XP, and completing the quest will unlock the “never-to-be-seen-again” Petrifying Putting Green! Hurry up – time will be up before you know it!

Author: Bunbunnyny

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  1. Hello! Is the Petrifying Putting Green free after finishing the quest? Or it will just be unlocked and you still have to purchase it before November 1st? I’m at level 7 now and I’m kinda curious about it. Thanks!

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    • The tree is only unlocked once you complete the quest, but it is free. I have no idea if it will still be sold after November first, so I stocked up and bought 10 just in case! 😉

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  2. It’s free after completing the quest, I just received mine. It’s under outdoor furniture.

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