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Gone With The Sims!

This coming Monday The Sims UK will share their new Sitcom: Gone With The Sims. Wonder how much of it is based on Gone with the Wind.

In case you don’t know that story it’s about Scarlet O’Hara during the Civil war. It involves Romance, War and a whole lot more. I doubt the Sims’ version has War but the Romance part? Wikipedia has the summary/plot and I think it’s a book everyone should read or at least watch the movie!

The Sims UK have introduced two of the cast on their Facebook Page.

Melkon Von Sim

It’s time to reveal the second member of our Willow Creek gang: Chess champ. Smooth talker. Sophisticated. No need for motherlode… We introduce you to the one and only Melkon Von Sim! #GWTS


Lavely Lavinia

Hungry for The Sims 4 launch? Ease your appetite with our social media sitcom ‘Gone With The Sims’, starting Monday over on Twitter. We’d love to introduce you to the first of our cast members – Lavely Lavinia. Because who doesn’t love a loud perfectionist?! #GWTS
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