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Happy Birthday, The Sims! (Feb Patch update)

Written by moza

On 4th Feb, 2000, a new game called The Sims hit the shelves.  The original game was viewed as a “virtual dolls house” – sims were created with limited personality points, and remained in the life stage – adult or child – that they were created in.  Then came expansion packs, which started to open up their lives.

In the last 20 years we’ve had 4 versions of the base game, 34 expansion packs, 42 game/stuff packs, and numerous spin offs on various platforms.  Sims have developed with fuller personalities and whims – as well as the improvements in gameplay and graphics.

To celebrate, the latest patch includes not just some bug fixes, but a new covered hot tub for your sims to enjoy.


There’s also some new 20th anniversay themed merch on the Threadless store.


Here’s to the next 20 years!

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