How The Sims Can Teach You To Be A Better Student

Read this article today and it is actually true, the key to being a good student in Real Life is similar to The Sims 3 University Life.

Take care of your needs, attend classes and study!

Though I do not recommend what my Sims always did in The Sims 2 University, and get involved with their lectures! That just cannot be good to do.

1. Attend all of your lectures and seminars (or as many as your hungover self can manage)

In The Sims your grade drops for every lecture past the first one that you miss, and we all know that it does the same on planet earth. So pull yourself out of bed and head to your seminar in your pyjamas if you have to – it will be worth it come exam period.

2. Take care of your needs

Feeling hungry? Make some food. Need the toilet? You know what to do. Tired? Get some sleep or just a 20 minute nap if you don’t have the time. In The Sims, your virtual self literally can’t function and will refuse to do tasks they don’t want to do if any of their needs are too low. Take some time to care for yourself and you’ll find that University is a lot easier to manage.

3. Working too hard can stress your Sim out

And you know it’s the same for yourself. So in between studying, go and watch some brain-numbing TV, dance to some Latin music or socialise with your friends so that ‘fun’ bar fills to the maximum!

4. Meet new people

Go to toga parties, take selfies and embrace social networking (though not too much). All of these social activities mean that your Sim has a full ‘social’ bar and can get on with life assured that they have loved ones around them. If that sounds like something you’re in need of, get yourself out into the world and make some new friends. Societies are a great place to start, and so easy to join – check your Students’ Union site for more information.

5. Study!

Yep, you heard right. Study. With a book. Or a computer. Your Sims get higher grades if they turn up to class having studied the night before, and the same goes for us. Don’t let it overtake your life, but give yourself a chance at benefitting from the few hours a week of contact time that you have.

6. Eat well

Pizza binges make the parallel you fat and less athletic in the same way the non-virtual doughy and cheesy delight does. Throw something green on your plate every now and again to make your body a little more tolerant of all the alcohol.

7. Socialise with your lecturers

In Sims a great way to get invited to Professors’ parties is to become their acquaintance or friend. You might not want to pop over to your lecturer’s house for wine and cheese in the real world, but making yourself known in seminars is always a bonus.

8. Complete extra-curricular opportunities

Embrace the opportunities that both your virtual and real life throw at you, especially if they are related to your degree. Keep up to date with your department’s bulk emails or forums and jump on anything that sounds appropriate and can earn you extra credits, money or just CV experience.

9. Be in a good mood for exams

Humans and Sims alike need their sleep and food. It may take Sims an hour to make some toast with jam, but you only need 15 minutes. Take some time to prepare yourself and your brain so that you’re more likely to succeed.

Source: http://www.grb.uk.com/news/how-the-sims-can-teach-you-to-be-a-better-student/2014/02/06/2547#.UvOUX3tMVZ0.twitter

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