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Live Broadcast 23 May Bingo

We consider the the last Live Broadcast Bingo a success! Mainly because a certain @simgururyan clearly avoided the phrases we posted last time :-D. It entertained us so we made a new version for tomorrow’s livebroadcast.

Note: Tomorrow’s broadcast will be about Dragon Valley with The Sims 3 Store team and introducing The Sims 4 team. While we know the Store team a bit (@simgurusmitty). We do not know The Sims 4 team that well yet, so they may not even use any of these phrases!

The phrases, actions and events

Here is a list of phrases we have found that the SimGurus use a lot! Some are similar but they use all the different versions. Those in bold are newly added after the last Broadcast.

  • Looking/Looks Amazing/Awesome
  • Looking/Looks Great
  • I’m so excited
  • A ton of (awesome) stuff
  • I’m very excited about it
  • This is a really good question
  • That sounds great
  • Sounds awesome/amazing
  • That sounds fantastic
  • This is my favourite
  • I’m super excited
  • I’m really excited
  • I’m totally excited
  • It’s so awesome
  • Looking/Looks Beautiful
  • Very Cool

These different actions happen a lot

  • SimGuruSmitty Laughs (she has an awesome laugh)
  • Hint for an upcoming EP/SP/Store item (not a confirmation just a small hint, through costumes for instance)
  • SimGuruGraham Chuckles
  • Running hand through hair

And just sometimes events happen

  • Chat starts 5-10min late
  • Technical difficulties
  • Sims background music is too loud
  • Forgot to turn static needs on
  • Someone comes up with a proper new nickname for a guru! (For instance SimGuruArgus is better known as Man-Witch after the The Sims 3 SuperNatural Live Broadcast.)
  • @SimGuruTrev is on the broadcast (On twitter we have been talking about this, not likely to happen but never know)


Either get a piece of paper and a pen or print out the template. Draw a grid of how many boxes you want.

Here we made a grid of 5 columns and 5 rows.


Fill in the different phrases/actions/events, you can use some several times. Download our template here: Live Broadcast Bingo or an empty one here: Live Broadcast Bingo Empty Template

Each time something is mentioned, said or happens, you can mark off the box. If it appears multiple times, you can mark it once for each appearance. So, for example, “SimguruSmitty Laughs” appears twice, so you can tick off one the first time it’s mentioned, and the other the next time.

When the Live Broadcast is done take a picture of your grid and tweet it to us @PlatinumSimmers using the#TSLBBingo hashtag or post it on our facebook page!

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