The Sims 3

Live Broadcast Bingo – 30th of July!

Because the last live broadcast had technical difficulties with the Into the Future demo, we get another broadcast today! We expect @SimGuruRyan to be the host again and last time it was curious how he used the word ‘epic’ a lot instead of stoked. This time we made a whole list of potential words he could use instead of stoked/epic/amazing/etc. 

You will be able to watch the broadcast at 7PM CET / 6pm BST at:

Update: @Simgururyan is not the host this time around, but we get the awesome King! The Bingo has been updated to remove all the SimguruRyan references!



You can download a printable version here.

We really hope that SimGuryRyan is actually hosting or this bingo sheet will no chance of being completed!


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