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Liven up your neighbourhood? – Story progression

Written by Annabelli_22

Will our The Sims 4 neighbourhoods finally have some life in them on their own?!

Neighbourhood Stories gameplay will come to your game November 30th with an update! (around 6pm UK time)
Source: EA The Sims 4 blog

Don’t worry, despite the name, this doesn’t mean only the Sims in your immediate neighbourhood will come to life, this will go for all NPC sims in your worlds. Excluding special NPC’s, like grim reaper and I assume Agnes Crumblebottom.

The update will come in multiple stages.

This first release focuses on Sims connected to your household: coworkers they’ve gotten to know, friends they’ve met at the Gym or Library… maybe that one Sim who welcomed them to the neighborhood with fruitcake, which seems like a bold move, but to each their own, I guess.

In the same way that your Sims change as they move through life, these Neighbor Sims are getting some new life changes of their own such as choosing a new career or having a baby.

How does this work?

You will get some control on how the stories will progress.
Either by directing themselves, or by saying yes or no to changes they suggest.

Whether they consider a life change autonomously or under influence from your Sims, Neighbor Sims ultimately decide to initiate life changes themselves. That means these changes happen without any need to switch to another household.

“What if I don’t want Sims to autonomously change?” — That’s okay! Everyone has a unique vision for their Sims, and some of you have poured lots of time and love into multi-household/multi-generation saves! All along, we’ve worked with the explicit goal: you choose how Neighborhood Stories affect your game. The two ways this happens are:

You direct one of your Sims to influence a Neighbor Sim to consider a life change, or…
…a Neighbor Sim autonomously considering a life change will always call one of your Sims to ask for input before taking any action. You choose the outcome by directing your Sim to say “Yes,” “No,” or leaving it up to the Neighbor Sim to decide.
Our intent is to empower you to decide if a life change makes sense in the story your Sims are living out, or to leave that decision up to the Neighbor Sim altogether.

There are also progressions that will happen autonomously.
Engaged Sims can get married, but if they’re not engaged, they won’t change their life that much.
Sims will also try for that promotion in their career.

New aspirations

More details in the official blog of The Sims

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