The Sims 4

Patch Day! Game update for The Sims 4 – 20 March 2018

Written by deagh

Happy Patch Day, Everyone! We have some Bug Fixes today.  We’ve copied the patch notes below, but you can also check them out at The Sims Forums!

Patch Notes for 20 March, 2018

Version PC / Mac

  • You may have been perplexed when you noticed that you couldn’t read anymore. Weird, right? Well just as mysteriously as the ability disappeared, it’s back. Try it, I promise you can do it now.
  • If you lost things when switching a household in an apartment in the same building, we blame naughty gremlins in the machine… It won’t happen again.
  • When you throw a social event, attendees will now do their part to complete communal events.
  • Serums work as advertised.
  • In case you forgot your fish’s name, the fish bowl tooltip will now remind you.

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