Patches The Sims 4

Patch Update: 09/12/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Written by deagh

Patch Day is here! This month the patch notes provide a plethora of pawsitively painful pet puns! Pop on over to the forum to check on the details, but some highlights include:

The ball pit! This has been the subject of many comments (and memes!) since the Toddler Stuff Pack came out, and it seems they’ve heard us and taken action. It’s still not what I’d call a stellar graphic, but it’s definitely an improvement!


There have also been some really nice additions to buy and build mode. There’s even a duck! (That’s right, a duck.)


In CAS, the adults got a hair, necklace, jacket, and pants, full body outfit, and top, and the children got a new top and a new bottom, pictures of which SimGuruNick kindly shared with us on Twitter. The new hair and necklace are on the adult female.


There’s also the usual issue addressment (we’re apparently not supposed to say “fix” this close to pets) and tweaks, including an update to the Gallery layout. Head on over to the forums to read the full details!

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