SimCity Roundup this week!

We have quite a lot of SimCity news this week, here are a few quotes and links to the different articles.



Now that you understand what we’re creating, let’s talk about the process we use to make one of the modular buildings and the family of buildings it belongs to. Let’s look at coal. Several buildings span that category in our game, Coal Mines (which extract the raw resource and can also refine it), Coal Power Plants (which use the coal to power cities), and Coal Storage and Shipping Lots (which store the coal and allow for building an empire of trade). As I mentioned earlier, basic research is the foundation of creating one of our buildings because we want to try to stay faithful to the simulation and to the core of SimCity style, which is grounded in contemporary reality.

See the full article here: http://www.simcity.c…art-of-building (needs origin)


As you may have read in Engineer Robert Perry’s previous blog post about physics, “what you see is what we Sim” is one of the core driving philosophies on SimCity In my case, it’s more “when you see your Sims, you’re seeing your Sims’ simulation.” It’s not enough to make a city feel alive. It has to be alive. If you see a Sim wearing scrubs walking down the street, that’s not some random “extra,” that’s a nurse heading home from a shift at the hospital.

See the full article here: http://www.simcity.c…we-sim-our-sims

New image posted on facebook

Last week I had a twitter conversation with @SimCity and @derricks asking for a 140 char explanation of Glassbox, their answers were:

What you see is what we sim. and What we sim is what you see

Personally I find that such cute expressions that they could be on Tshirts, what do you think? Should we suggest it to @simcity

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