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Spa Day Refreshed – What To Expect

Written by BlackGarden

Today, EA revealed a new trailer for their refresh of the Spa Day Game Pack. In terms of new features this seems to heavily feature younger Sims, face masks, and nails. There’s even a toddler with their nails painted in different colours featured in the trailer.

According to the page on the EA website about the refresh, the update will also bring a new trait – High Maintenance. High Maintenance Sims will really benefit from regular spa visits, and when they do visit there will be new ways to unwind, with manicures, pedicures, and facial masks.

Kids will also now be able to take part in Wellness activities like yoga, so you can take the whole family to the spa.

If you fancy a career in Wellness, you can do that too! The pack’s refresh will add careers for Zen Gurus and Self-Care Specialists. The manicures are more than just a way to let your Sim relax – you can also get creative with them, with new shapes, designs and colours.

Owners of the Spa Day Game Pack will receive all of this in a free update at 6pm British Summer Time on 7th September. If you don’t already own it, you can buy it on Origin here, or if you’re also missing Get Together and Movie Hangout Stuff, there’s a bundle for that available at £44.99 here. And, as always, you can build your own bundle, comprising any game pack, any expansion pack (except for Cottage Living, currently), and any stuff pack, on the build a bundle page.

Watch the new trailer for the Spa Day refresh below:

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