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The Fame Mechanic in The Sims 4 Get Famous

Written by BlackGarden

This week a new blog has given us just a little peek at how the all-new fame mechanic will work in the upcoming pack, Get Famous.

Points and perks

The blog reveals that Sims living in Del Sol Valley (the new neighbourhood which comes with the pack) will have a new Reputation and Celebrity Level, and those combine to create their Public Image. The blog doesn’t particularly expand on what the Reputation level is exactly, but we (speculatively!) suggest that it will be effectively a measure of whether your Sim is famous or infamous – that is, whether they’re famous and beloved, or whether their bad behaviour gets a lot of attention.

What the blog does tell us is about perks and Fame Points. You earn Fame Points as you increase your Sim’s Celebrity Level, and it’s these Fame Points which will allow you to unlock perks and benefits.

Bears, bears, everywhere!

We’ve also learned a little of how other Sims will begin to act towards your Sim now that they’re famous. Firstly, your Sims’ can be a true trendsetter, as other Sims will start to copy your unique style. We can see a lot of opportunity to have a bit of fun with this – ever wanted to see a whole neighbourhood dressing like bears? Us too!

But beware the bear-pocalypse – fans and even stalkers can act, according the the blog, “a little strange” around your Sim. And the pack will also see the return of the paparazzi from previous Sims games, who we can expect to hang around and make a nuisance of themselves. There’s also a hint here that your Sim might be able to wear a disguise to get away from the spotlight.

Moving on up

Of course, when your Sim is super famous, and everyone wants to be around them, that’s a great time to move away from your fans. Del Sol Valley will have a much “fancier” area called The Pinnacles, which is up on the hill where you can look down on the town, literally and figuratively.

There will also be some fancy new furniture to fill your celebrity home with, including a “pod” for sleeping in and a gold-plated toilet. Perfect!

Tell me more!

We’ll find out more soon – here are some important dates for your diary, so take notes!

  • October 22nd: Sims Camp embargo lifts, expect lots of new info around the community
  • October 26th: Acting & CAS Live Stream, The Sims Twitch channel
  • November 2nd: Fame & Reputation Mechanic Live Stream, The Sims Twitch channel
  • November 9th: Del Sol Valley and Build/Buy Live Stream, The Sims Twitch channel
  • November 16th: Get Famous releases for PC and Mac

Plus, read the latest blog from EA on The Sims 4 website.

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