The Sims 3 University Life Review (includes many useful tables!)

Written by sww

The main focus of University Life is, quite obviously, your Sim’s time at Uni, studying, partying, and the rewards it brings.  Aspects of the game, however, span all ages of your Sim’s life, whether it’s new activities to enjoy, or preparing them for the best start at Uni.


Before we look at life on campus, we’ll look at how the expansion pack impacts your main town.


This expansion pack comes with 3 new challenging skills, Street Art, Social Networking and Science.

The Street Art skill lets you paint/tag walls and floors all over the world, not just in your home. However the police don’t really like you doing this, so be careful!

Screenshot-626 copy

Social Networking is fun, and is increased by texting other Sims with the new Smartphone or writing blogs. Whenever you see or do something interesting, like buy new objects or see a movie,  you can write a blog and gain followers.  Then you can ask donations from your followers to help support your blog, eventually turning a decent profit, so you don’t actually need to work for a living. If you are at university, instead of asking for donations you can also ask for knowledge to increase your degree progression.


The third skill and the one I am personally most excited about is the Science skill. Get ready to release your inner nerd by studying science. You do this on the Science Research Station or The Cerebralizing Brain Enhancing Machine. The samples you get by analysing various items, and can be sold at the science lab for money. When you research a harvestable, you can increase the quality and with enough Science skill you can clone a sample instead of selling it. The twist with this is that you can get other Sims’ DNA and then clone them!

Screenshot-606 copy

Social Groups

Another new aspect that impacts all sims’ lives is Social Groups. Actions you do in the game increases your standing with the Jocks, Rebels or Nerds. For instance studying science or reading comic books increases the nerds standing. Using herbs or tagging places with street art skill are rebellious actions and jocks like it when you practise sports.  You can also buy your way into the groups, by spending Lifetime Happiness points.

[expand title=”Click here to see all the ways to increase Social Group Standing”]

Attend PartiesAsk other Nerds about their degreeAdd herbs to food
BowlingBe enthustiastic about Comic BooksBurn herbs in a fireplace or bonfir
Collegiate sports in the stadiumBerate IgnoranceComplain about the world on a podium
Complete Jock OpportunitiesBoast about gamer skillsComplete Rebel Opportunities
Do a Keg StandComplete Nerd OpportunitiesDare other Sims
Gossip about roommates to JocksDo Scientific researchDumpster Dive
Have a BonfireDo trivia Challenges with other NerdsInteract with, socialize and compliment Rebels
Host a Bonfire or Juice KeggerPartyInteract with, socialize and compliment NerdsGet a drink from the Barista Bar
Interact with, socialize and compliment JocksLifetime Happiness Reward of 1000 pointsGive a passionate Speech
Lifetime Happiness Reward of 1000pointsPlay arcade machinesHand out Protest Flyers
Master Juice PongPlay video gamesLifetime Happiness Reward of 1000 points
Perform the school cheerPractice your pick-uplines on other NerdsOrganize protests
Play table tennisShow other Sims gross Videos on your SmartphonesPractice your pick-uplines on other Rebels
Play with the flying discSolve equations on the WhiteboardRile the crowd at a protest
Practice pick-up lines JocksTell stories or jokes to other NerdsTag or leave murals around the world (street art skill)
Take a photo with a friend using the SmartPhoneThrow testtubes intobonfiresUse a megaphone to rant or declare your love
Take a self-portrait using the SmartPhoneUse the Brain Enhancing Machine
Tell stories or jokes to other JocksWork on the group science project

Being in a social group gives some perks! You can unlock new socials, extra traits, and at lvl 10 of each social group, you will get an exclusive job offer – Game Developer, Sports Agent or Art Appraiser. The careers are not that difficult once you get into them, the hard part is getting to the top of the social group in the first place. These careers are very profitable so definitely worth getting to the top!

[expand title=”Click here to see all the perks Social Groups can give”]

1Prep – No PerksMath Curious – No PerksHipster– No Perks
2Wannabe – School Cheer & host Juice Kegger Parties!Amateur Gamer – Receive a game console (family inventory) & unlock online gaming on game consoles (not on the computer)Line Crosser – Receive a Street Art Bag and a Megaphone & can steal exam answers on the computer
3In Crowd Newbie – No PerksCool with the Uncool – No PerksNonconformist – No Perks
4Wingman – Host Bonfire Parties & take Self Portraits with the SmartphoneTrivia Guru – Trivia Challenges with other Sims unlockedTrivia Guru – Hunger Strike Protests with the megaphone & ask “What is Wrong with the World” on the podium & Rebel will be better at cheating, less likely caught cheating
5Party Sponge – No PerksJunior Techie – No PerksBohemian – No Perks
6Popular – Host Parties for CharitySci-Fi Fan – New Mind Meld interaction, improves relationships with other SimsAgitator– Rebel smartphone skin & Rowdy Protests with the megaphone
7Hot Stuff – No PerksBrain Trustee – No PerksRevolutionary – No Perks
8Debutante – Pick another TraitNerd Elite – Pick another TraitMaverick– Pick another Trait
9Super Popular – No PerksThink Tank Driver – No PerksCool Cat – No Perks
10Big Sim on Campus – Unlocks the Sports Agent CareerGame Master – Unlocked the Video Game Developer CareerTrendsetter – Unlocked the Art Appraiser Career

Herbs and Coffee Bar

Mentioned a little bit above, but this pack comes with 17 new herbs, we posted about the new coffee bar and the herbs here.


Plant Sims

This pack’s occult Sim sees the return of PlantSims from TS2, and they’ve had a makeover! Instead of being a side effect of over fertilization, PlantSims now originate in a lab. If you’re not lucky enough to meet and befriend one, you can send your sims to the School of Science on campus to volunteer as a test subject. There, they may be lucky – or unlucky – enough to come down with Botanitis Minorous.

Or they can perform science experiments on seeds in the hope of their genetic experiments producing a forbidden fruit seed, which can be planted by a gardener with skill of 7 or higher. This will either produce an edible forbidden fruit, which may turn your Sim, or a Plant Sim baby – not for nothing was my first plant baby called Mandrake!

Zombie Plant Sim!

Plant Sims now cover all the age groups, and have fewer needs to care for – there’s no hunger, bladder or hygiene motives – instead they have one motive called Water, which combines aspects of all three – after all water is essential to plants. They can absorb Water via their skin in the shower for example, or soak up puddles from broken appliances.

Plant Sims have a lot in common with fairies, with regards to their gardening abilities, and can also curse or enchant Sims with their kisses which gives a negative or positive moodlet respectively to the receiving Sim.

New Clothes

The clothes are mainly for the new social groups, jock, rebel and nerds types.

Screenshot-648 copyScreenshot-649 copyScreenshot-650 copyScreenshot-651 copyScreenshot-652 copyScreenshot-645 copyScreenshot-646 copyScreenshot-647 copy

New Objects

The new objects include a lot of new entertainment and skill objects.

Pingpong Table
Screenshot-645 (2) copy

Bowling Alley
Screenshot-648 (2) copy

Screenshot-655 copy

Screenshot-611 copy

Anatomy Skeleton
Screenshot-612 copy

Speakers Podium
Screenshot-607 copy

Screenshot-661 copy

Brain Enhancing Machines
Screenshot-601 copy

Murphy Bed
Screenshot-663 copy


Protests are a new rebel action but there are so many options, with it that can advance ordinary Sims too like easier to find resources, increased salary, receive more lifetime happiness points or faster to learn skills. The table below shows all the protests you can do, those in bold are the ones that give you real rewards.

[expand title=”Click here for the full list of Protests”]

AstronautsWhy send Sims to space when they can be sent to an office instead?1
AtomsHow can we trust something so tiny and mysterious?1
BeetlesThey are gross, small and have way too many legs.1
ClownsWhat is entertaining about too much make up, a wig and red noses?1
ComputersIf we’re not careful, they’ll turn us into batteries!1
CriminalsWithout criminals, there would be no crime2
DoctorsSims should be able to heal themselves!1
Few World ResourcesIf succesful, Bugs, Gems and Metals will be easier to find for a few days!3
FirefightersFor those who want to save their own lives in an emergency2
FishingLeave the fish alone!2
GardeningGardening puts holes in the earth, one plant at a time.2
HandcuffsWhy are we punishing Sims’ hands?1
Interior DesignWhat’s wrong with exterior design?2
InventingWhat good has ever come out of inventing things?2
JellyfishThey are the silent, gooey predators of the ocean.1
LlamasThese are clever and dangerous beasts.1
Low WagesA succesful potrest gives employed Sims a raise, effective immediately3
MasksHiding who you are is always suspicious1
NectarThe life essense of plants? Or something far more sinister?2
NessieBecuse the world has too many elusive, aquatic dinosaurs!1
Not Enough Lifetime HappinessReceive more Lifetime Happiness for a few days from a successful protest!3
PaintingSmwearing colors on a canvas is so old fashioned.2
PhotographyCapturing moments in time is so two-dimensional2
PoliceWho needs law enforcement any ways?1
Private InvestigatorsNo more private investigations!2
RaditionThe silent, invisible, odorless, menace.1
RingsWhat are rings if not handcuffs for your fingers?1
SculptingCreating something beautiful from nothing is overrated!2
StylistsWho are they to assign style?2
UnicornsDown with these beautiful, mythical creatures!1
Unskilled SimsStaging a successful protest speeds up skill learning for a while!3
YetiShow me a Yeti and I’ll show you a problem.1

Renting Houses

If you want to start in an expensive and pretty house, but cannot quite afford it yet. You can turn it into an apartment in edit town.


Instead of buying the house you will then rent it, it sadly does come with 7 roommates, but they behave well!

You can also rent out your house if you have free space. You have to be the owner, by going to real estate menu on your smart phone you can decide how many roommates you want to have, they pay rent to you, might help out a starting self-employed Sim!

2013-04-01_17-31-35 2013-04-01_17-31-56 2013-04-01_17-31-41 2013-04-01_17-31-38


Preparing before University

Going to university does not just start when you move to university it starts (long) before that. Before you go to university you should take the aptitude test, this test can give you points towards the degree and even a scholarship. Traits, skills and career progression have influence on this test.


[expand title=”This table shows you which skills, traits and careers are important to get the complete 400 skill for each degree.”]

(+27 points per skill level)
(+83 point per trait)
Career Progress
(+39 points per career level)
Social Networking
Born Salesman
Computer Whiz
No Sense of Humour
Law Enforcement
Science & MedicineFishing
Socially Awkward
Green Thumb
Fine ArtsPainting
Street Art
Nectar Making
Avant Garde
Natural Cook
Social Butterfly
Fortune Teller
Physical EducationAthletic
Material Arts
Loves the Outdoors
Professional Sports

[expand title=”And here is a table that shows which of these traits and skills can be given/taught to the kids from which age.”]


Loves the Outdoors

ToddlerSame as the Baby traitsWalking
You need these 3 Skills allow you to be able to pick traits when they age up.Logic (Baby Brainiac Peg Box)
Guitar (Rip Co. Xylophone)
Handiness (Genesis Building Blocks)
Painting – Yellow Books (finger painting 101, handprints of the masters, don’t stay within the lines)
Logic – Pink Books (counting for those who cannot, squares are not triangles, being smart for fun and profit)
Writing – Green Books (bluish eggs with a side of pastrami, frank I’m not, oh the destinations you’ll briefly visit)
Computer Whiz
No Sense of humour
Rebellious+all previous traits

Writing (Computer)

Painting (Easel)

Logic (Chess Board, Science Bench or Book)

Athletic (Stereo/TV)

Handiness (Genesis Building Blocks) – This will increase up to level 3, but won’t actually appear until teen

Cooking (Toy Stove/Bake Stall) – This will increase up to level 3, but won’t actually appear until teen

Social Networking (Smart Phone) – This will increase up to level 3, but won’t actually appear until teen

Also get good grades so that you can pick the traits when the Sim ages up

Teen/Young Adult/Adult/ElderAll traits availableAll skills available

Going to University

After the aptitude test you can enroll into university using the phone or computer. As long as your Sim is Young Adult or older they can enroll.  You have the choice to do points and 1 or 2 semesters.2013-04-04_00-36-56

I’ve noticed that doing the max amount of points is HARD, your Sim will have to constantly attend classes, exams and study, leaving not much time for food, rest or socializing. It is better to go a few times more with less points each than to try to get them in one go, my Sim got an F while she was a nerdy Sim!

Your Sim will walk to a taxi with a suitcase and you get a loading screen that will load the uni town.



At University

The university world consists of a central campus with the main university buildings, science/art/business building and a student union. Around the central campus are some shops, hangout spots and the houses.


You can rent your own house or join a dormitory which is rent free. There are three versions of dormitories, sororities, fraternities and mixed genders.

What I’ve noticed in the sororities I’ve played, girls are slobs. They will not do laundry or clean up their own dishes, Bonehilda from the Supernatural pack can help a lot only she also does not do laundry. I suggest removing the laundry machine asap.


The first day your sim will want to go to the student union to meet some fellow students, professors and get freebies from the stand. Check the class schedule to see when your Sims’ classes are.


On Monday and Wednesday there are classes in the university building, Tuesday has a class in the student union, in this class you can ask questions, fall asleep (learning through osmosis works in university town) or take notes. Thursday is practical class day, depending on your degree you do various things. For example the communication degree broadcasts a radio report outside and the business degree presents reports in the student union. And on Friday you have final exams.

All these classes increase your degree progression, but just following classes is not enough you do have to study on the computer or with fellow Sims. Another way to increase your degree progression is to use the special degree equipment that you get when from the start of your university time. The communication degree gets a Mobile Radio Station, the Workforce Warrior Business Planner, “Them Bones” Anatomy Skeleton, Brain Enhancing Machine or Sketchbook.


Why University?

Going to university has the obvious perks of extending the Sims’ lifetime (aging is off at university), socializing with other Sims and building up your skills that can help you in the homeworld. There is also the fact that a degree has direct inpact on career progression and salary.

[expand title=”This table shows which degree benefits what career.”]

DegreeBenefits which Career
TechnologyMilitaryLaw Enforcement
Science & MedicineScienceMedicine
CommunicationsPoliticalJournalismFortune Telling
Fine ArtsMusicCulinaryFilm
Physical EducationProfessional Sports


This Expansion Pack adds a LOT of gameplay, if you are a player this pack is definitely worth getting. The social groups, new skills, going to university, the new careers are all very fun and give a lot of playing time.

For builders the new apartment lots and dormitories are a good reason to build large houses. There are also a lot of new (entertainment) items that will help decorate the large houses.

For me personally the only downside to this expansion pack is the loading screen to the University Town. We have been seriously spoiled since The Sims 2 that we hardly ever have a loading screen except when travelling to France/China/Egypt. And I find that loading the university town takes unusually long on my fast computer.
Thanks a lot to EA UK for supplying me with a Review version of The Sims 3 University Life!

Bonus Picture, recognize the game my Sim is playing?


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