The Sims 4 City Living – Sing your heart out

The Sims released some more news about The Sims 4 City living today!
A blog post about Karaoke and a trailer about the new neighbourhoods.

With the karaoke machine, we will also get a singing skill: this skill will have 10 levels.
And! We’re also getting 2 karaoke lots to practice at. But don’t worry, you can also practice at home if you don’t feel confident enough.


There will be 5 different neighbourhoods:

  • Uptown
  • Fashion District
  • Arts Quarter
  • Spice Market
  • Myshuno Meadows

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Spice Market has the cheap apartments, and you can even renovate an old warehouse if you want!
Make it a modern and spacious loft, or create a place for your run down Sims.



Fashion District will feature fashion forward Sims that show off their looks.
It also houses one of the two karaoke lots, “Planet Honey Pop”!

Arts Quarter is buzzing with creativity. It features an all new art gallery, and you can earn money by playing an instrument for tourists.
Also new with City Living, you can sell your crafts on the streets, so get ready to make some extra bucks by selling those paintings!


Want more greenery and less grey concrete? Go to Myshuno Meadows, where you can kick back with friends and enjoy yourself.

Uptown is a more elite place, featuring high rise lots with extraordinary views! Want to work out with a view? Go down the new gym in Uptown.

To find out more new stuff in San Myshuno, check out the trailer and the blog.

Author: Lebanna

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