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The Sims 4 Create A Sim video – awesome things I noticed!

I’m in love with Create a Sim for The Sims 4. I cannot wait to have my hands on it and push/pull the Sims’ faces and play with the new hair. If you haven’t seen the new trailer for CAS yet, check it out here:

Here are some of the cool things I noticed and like!

All the new Skintone options, notice the blue and green one!

2014-05-14_18-28-40LOVE the hair! 
2014-05-14_18-30-08 2014-05-14_18-30-17 2014-05-14_18-30-39

Many different hair colors! Dare you to go that shade of blue in RL 😉 Also many beard options! Also notice the random button for this menu, you can randomize just that option! Awesome!


Many eye colors.2014-05-14_18-34-55

Instantly age up your Sim with some wrinkles!2014-05-14_19-02-16

Makeup!2014-05-14_18-36-49 Look at the lip color options! 2014-05-14_18-37-15 In one click on the X you can remove the tattoos2014-05-14_18-37-44

New CAS option, Styled Looks. One click of the button and your Sim can have a completely new look. I HOPE we can share this feature on our site or Exchange. Many possibilities for creative people!

2014-05-14_18-39-13 Awesome hair.


Awesome Glasses!2014-05-14_19-10-14
@SimGuruGraham in The Sims 4!2014-05-14_18-43-25 2014-05-14_18-46-09

6 new traits known now! Does this mean you pick 3 traits per Sim and the rest you get through aspirations? Or can you pick more?
2014-05-14_18-46-41 2014-05-14_18-47-24

2 Aspirations known now!


These aspirations give you rewards/traits, like being able to learn skills faster or make friends faster.

2014-05-14_18-47-05 2014-05-14_18-47-42

The house is cute and different from what we have seen so far. But look at the background! I wonder if that is just a backrgound or apartments that our Sims can live in.


This is the Buildmode UI. I love how it looks, so small/minimal but tells us everything.


In the house I found these objects in the background:


This bunny (?) is so cute, I’ve named him fluffy: 2014-05-14_18-51-19 2014-05-14_18-52-43

That is a weird cube? on the table:2014-05-14_18-52-56

If you look closely you will see 4 different types of drinks!


Awesome bridge in the background


At one point the trailer zooms out and this is shown on the side, is that a deck on water, with pillars that go into the water?2014-05-14_18-53-48 The video ends with this passionate kiss!2014-05-14_18-55-14

I cannot wait to play with Create a Sim. I ended up with more questions than I had before!

– Are we limited to the pre-set Colors or can we import our own colors? (I am fine with not having Create a Style, I understand it – but with The Sims 2 we had bodyshop, are we getting something like that, I would love that!)

– Will we be able to share Styled Looks?

– Can we have more than 3 traits assigned in Create a Sim or do we earn the other traits in the game?

– Are the skyscrapers actual liveable buildings or are they decorative?

– What is “fluffy”‘s actual name and what sort of creature is it? 😉

– Is Buildmode UI final UI or still a work in progress?


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  • I hope we get to pick more traits. Or else that they can earn new traits through the game. But 3 seems so little. Loved the video. Hope we get a build video soon too 🙂 and I’m pretty satisfied with the hair now, except the blondes (or light colours) they still seem a bit plasticy/unnatural. 🙂