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The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle: Traits and Aspirations

Written by deagh

EA was kind enough to give us an early access review code through the EA Game changers program.

Our views are our own. We hope you find them helpful in deciding whether to buy this pack.

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle is a big pack – far too big to cover in just one post – so over the next few days we will be doing posts that cover the various aspects of the pack.  This post discusses Traits – both lot and sim – and the new aspirations.

Lot Traits:

  • Eco Lot:  This lot moves towards eco-friendliness faster than others
  • Geothermal: Natural heating lowers utility bills by generating power, and keeps any pools warm.
  • Landfill Lot: This place is a dump!  Trash accumulates on this lot. (Not available on Restaurant, Residential, Tiny Home Residential, or University Housing lots)
  • Natural Well: Spring water runs under this lot, lowering utility bills and offering fresh, clean water from the tap.
  • Reduce and Recycle: This lot generates recyclable and compostable trash, and outdoor cans are no longer bottomless.  Actively managing the trash output is a must!

Based on initial observations, the Geothermal and Natural Well traits seem to provide about 30 units of free electricity or water per day.  To give you some context as to how much that is, various water and power generators you can purchase provide two to five units of power/water each, and appliances use 2-4 units each as well.  So the traits might be enough to power a starter home, if one is careful.

Sim Traits:

  • Green Fiend – These sims get more good moodlets from living in a green area, and more bad ones from living in an industrial area.
  • Recycle Disciple – This trait seems to make them do more autonomous recycling activities.  They will get really tense if they haven’t recycled something in a while.
  • Freegan – conflicts with materialistic, snob, squeamish, foodie. Freegans have some unique interactions with dumpsters, like they can dive for ingredients, which will get them harvestables which they can then eat or plant.  They don’t like it when you buy things in buy mode, and they don’t like having jobs, either.  This is an excellent trait for a sim doing a “live off the land” challenge.
  • Maker – conflicts with clumsy, lazy.  They get unhappy if they haven’t made something on one of the benches listed above in a while, but they don’t seem to mind being covered in paint from a fabricator failure, so there’s that.


There are two new aspirations that come with Eco Lifestyle – Eco Innovator and Master Maker.

Eco Innovator:

As you can see, this aspiration is not neighborhood specific, but it does require that the sim completing it max out the Civil Designer career, which will require them to achieve 10 logic skill and 8 points in either charisma or fabrication, depending on which branch they choose.

Completing this aspiration will award the Influential Individual trait:

Master Maker:

For this aspiration the sim will have to max out the fabrication skill and they will also need to join the new Crafter specialization of the freelancer career.

Completing this aspiration will award the Muse of the Maker trait:


And there are the traits and aspirations in Eco Lifestyle!  Keep watching our feed for more aspects of the pack, which we will post over the coming days.


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