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The Sims 4 – June 2020 patch

Written by Annabelli_22

It’s June 3rd. And The Sims 4 got a major game overhaul patch today.

Originally it was going to release yesterday, June 2nd, but The Sims joined BlackoutTuesday, they had decided to move the patch a day to give room to the Black Lives Matters movement.
Read what EA is doing, going to do and has done to against racial injustice here
There are many ways to join yourself as well. Big or small, public or private.

Neighbourhood names

In the new patch, all the “legacy” worlds (older worlds) have gotten neighbouhoods tags now as well. They started doing this when The Sims 4 City Living came out, but all the worlds before that didn’t have them yet. Until now. Well, Magnolia Promanade still doesn’t, but that’s basically 1 neighbourhood anyway.
Click on the image to enlarge the slide show.


Build buy got update in multiple places.

Of course, the major one being windows and doors being able to place off their grid! It still has some limitations as well. As you can’t place 2 windows or doors on 1 grid tile. Not even when they just go over to the next one with just a smidge.

There are 2 ways to place windows and doors. With holding the ALT key, and without it. Without it the windows and doors will move half a tile each time. With holding Alt, you can fluently move them a long your walls.

Another cool update in build/buy, is a new Off the Grid section in the “Objects by function” section. It’s quite handy to know which items will actually work while off the grid. (And all the candles are in it too, at least, it looks that way, I didn’t count them)

Items have also a power or water consumption rating. So you know how much they use. I am unsure how you generate that power to use them, at least, without the new Expansion pack Eco Lifestyle.

Tied to a gameplay update – FIRE FIGHTERS! – is the fact that some build materials will now affect how fast, or otherwise, things will burn.

There are also effects listed that are tied to the new Expansion pack, The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle. These will not cause any changes in your world without the pack installed.

A minor update in build mode is that the info screen has been updated as well. Lot traits are no longer visible immediately, but have a tab. This makes the window a lot smaller, and easier to have unfolded while building and you want to keep track of things like budget, or required items.

Plus, lot traits are now sorted alphabetically! This will make it a lot easier to search for a specific trait. Unless you had memorised where they were before, than you have to relearn.


There are also a few gameplay features that are being improved.

I mean… it’s getting hot in here.

Fire fighters will come if you have a fire alarm installed, or if you call them. Where the fire alarm is on the lot doesn’t matter, it will go off if you have installed one.
Unless you live in Sulani, then you get the helpful islanders to help you out instead of the fire department. A good neighbour is worth their weight in gold!

How bills work has also been updated. You can now see what influences your bills, so you can work on reducing them.

The effects of not paying your bills has also been changed. Not only will your power and water not be cut off, the repo person can come and collect your precious items.
After 24 hours of not paying your bills, your power will be cut off, with a warning that another 24 hours your water will also be shut off.
Once you have water shut off as well, after 24 hours the Repo Sim will come and collect your stuff. Once your bill has been paid from the items they collected, your power and water gets turned on again.

Inventory update – now this is a super useful update!
You can now filter your Sims’ inventory items on many different categories and sub categories. You can also multi select to sell multiple items at once.

A few other things have been updated as well, you can now lock doors to prevent trespassing. This option only appears on front doors. Luckily, trespassers are always courteous enough to use the front door – this includes vampires.

There is MORE!

There is a whole lot more. And I wanted to show case them all. For now, check the patch notes below to make sure you don’t miss anything. We will update this blog with more screenshots and such to show case more of the new features. As well as bug fixes, which we haven’t covered this time.

Patch notes link

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