The Sims 4 Game Update – July 19

Written by moza

The latest The Sims 4 update for PC and Mac has landed, and brings 3 major changes, along with some minor bug fixes.

First of all, the game has a new, crisper, cleaner look.  As someone who has played since the early days of the original Sims – one hood, 10 lots, no Expansions Packs or CC – I like that it reflects the original style, while keeping a modern, unique look.

Next, let’s look at Create a Sim Stories.

I don’t know about any of the rest of you, but I often feel I’m stuck in a rut, choosing the same traits and aspirations that I feel comfortable with.

Story mode asks you a series of random question based on your owned packs that create a backstory for your sims – traits, aspirations, skills and a career.  Even their starting funds can be impacted.  I found all my test sims were starting on level 3 of their career, with skills at various levels, however they start their aspiration from scratch.  It’s worth noting that you can’t change the traits picked this way, and it’s only available for Young Adult sims and above.  I like the idea of being able to vary your sims’ starts in game.  Just be aware that your sims might not always turn out as human, either!  Again, it’s a great way of adding variety.

Linking the two of these together is a selection of new assets in CAS – hair and clothing worn by the new featured Sims.


The final addition is a new code to unlock a lot of the neighbourhood objects for use in lots.

Firstly, enable the existing “bb.showhiddenobjects”

Next, add the new code “bb.showliveeditobjects”

Easiest way to find all the unlocked goodies is to search “debug” when you’re in build/buy mode.  The SimsGurus estimate there are about 1200 objects now available, however, they do come with a warning!

“These objects are environment objects, which our artists use when creating worlds. As such they are not optimized for on lot use, so please be aware when using this cheat. The most obvious issue you may notice is that Sims will walk through these objects.”

I will add my own warning, that I couldn’t find everything – the empty trailers from StrangerVille for example don’t appear to be there.  However there are so many objects, it is possible I just missed them!

Full patch notes can be found here.  Enjoy!



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