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The Sims 4 Get Famous – The Acting Career

Written by deagh

The upcoming expansion pack – “The Sims 4 – Get Famous!” is all about making your Sim be The Next Big Thing. One of the many ways for your Sim to get famous (or maybe infamous?) in the new pack will be a new career – Acting!

The Sims has released a new blog post this week giving us some more information about the acting career. This career is going to be one of the ‘active’ careers, meaning you can accompany your actor Sim to their job and take an active role in their career progress.

Breaking into the Business

The first step on the road to fame (and hopefully fortune!) for your Sim is to join an agency. Once your Sim is with an agency they’ll be sent on auditions. There is no guarantee that your Sim will get the part when they audition, but once the audition is scheduled they will know what skills they need to work on – like charisma for a romantic role – and will have some time to work on the appropriate skills.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Once your Sim manages to get a gig, it’s time to go into hair and makeup and wardrobe! (Apparently the career is worth it for the wardrobe alone, according to the blog – we can’t wait to see it!) Once they’re ready for their closeup, then they perform their scenes. If they do well, then they succeed, and both advance in their career and get Fame Points, which are part of the fame system which is discussed in more detail in a separate article.

Fame is an important part of the Actor career, because the perks and quirks that your Sim acquires as they get more famous influence the direction of their career. The blog doesn’t get into specifics, but it looks like maybe (and this is entirely speculative on our part!) whether your Sim is more famous or infamous has an effect on what type of roles they get.

Honing your Craft

There’s more to this career than just going to the set. There will also be some new socials, like learning lines and working on scenes with other Sims. Actor Sims can also increase their fame level by being active on the various forms of social media and “lots of other actions.” (I guess they can’t tell us everything ahead of time!) So it looks like there may be a lot more “homework” for your Sims than we’ve seen in some of the other active careers.

That’s a Wrap!

From what we’ve seen so far, we believe the Acting career will be a robust addition to the list of careers, with lots for your Sims to do. It looks like it will be part of their lives, rather than just somewhere they go for a while every day, which fits in well with the nature of show business. We can’t wait to try it!

Tell me more!

We’ll find out more soon – here are some important dates for your diary, so take notes!

  • October 22nd: Sims Camp embargo lifts, expect lots of new info around the community
  • October 26th: Acting & CAS Live Stream, The Sims Twitch channel
  • November 2nd: Fame & Reputation Mechanic Live Stream, The Sims Twitch channel
  • November 9th: Del Sol Valley and Build/Buy Live Stream, The Sims Twitch channel
  • November 16th: Get Famous releases for PC and Mac

Plus, you can read the acting blog from EA on The Sims 4 website.

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