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The Sims 4 – Sims Delivery Express

Written by Annabelli_22

First Sims Delivery Express

Yesterday we received the first Sims Delivery Express or SDX for short.

From time to time we will get these Sims Deliveries, where new items will be added to base game. These don’t have a set interval, as far as I know.
The deliveries can be CAS or Build/Buy, but always base game.
The first one is 1 new hair style, which is tagged for both feminine as masculine hair type natively.
And not only for teens to elders, but also for kids and toddlers! Glad to see these assets being more widely spread among the ages. Though for the younger ages they are tagged as feminine by default. If you remove the filter, the hair is also available for boys of course.

How do Sims Delivery Expresses work?

These deliveries happen at a certain time in your game. The team will release new content that to your game and it will download instantly when you open the game (and I assume you need an active internet connection for this).
Does this mean you will miss out if you miss the delivery window? No, luckily you don’t. If you miss the delivery window, it will just be automatically be added with the next general game update.
So it’s not a limited time thing.

Next Sims Delivery Express

The next SDX has also been announced a little while ago, which will be Build/Buy items.
I think I remember that this will be next week, but I am not sure enough to be for certain. So we’ll find out soon enough I guess!

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