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The Sims 4 – Snowy Escape Early Access!

Written by Annabelli_22

This opportunity was made possible by the EA GameChangers program. During this opportunity I could play an alpha version of the new expansion pack The Sims 4 Snowy Escape, and base game. Our opinions about this pack are our own, and EA or Maxis has no influence on that. I would like to thank them for this opportunity.
Please keep in mind this was not final software of this expansion pack, so there might be some changes between now and release, and I might have experienced some bugs that the team was working on resolving or have resolved in the meantime.

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape will release on PC/MAC and console on November 13th 2020

In depth posts

This pack is quite big, so we have decided to split this up into multiple articles. This main one is where you can find links to all sub articles as well as my general conclusion and summary of the pack. I hope you will find it helpful.

Discovering Mt. Komorebi
A world map, information about neighbourhoods and new lot types as well as information about Festivals that are hosted in Mt. Komorebi.
Create a Sim
Pretty self explanatory. New CAS items for Sims.
All the new items in build/buy that come with this pack. Also looking at some of the Debug items.
Skills and Activities
Want to know more about Sledding, Skiing, Snowboarding or Rock Climbing?
Go for a hike? Or Climb Mt. Komorebi? We have gathered that information in this post.
Aspirations and lifestyles
Lifestyles are a new feature with this pack, and they give Sims extra buffs for certain activities.
Sentiments and Gameplay Features
Sentiments are also added to the game (Base game), but there are also some gameplay features that are you might want to know about, like Woohoo Spots, Deaths, Shoes off, School uniforms and Collectibles.
How do the other packs fit in?
One of the best things about new packs is seeing how they fit with the existing content, we’ve got a summary of some of the big changes


The Sims 4 Snowy Escape is a new expansion pack for the The Sims 4 franchise.
It’s a Japanese inspired pack, with lots of new activities to explore.
Mt. Komorebi is the new world where your Sims can live, and even without The Sims 4 Seasons can experience some weather: Snow!

There are new snow activities for your Sims to do, from toddler to elder. Sledding, skiing and snowboarding are some of the new activities that you can do. Toddlers are able to sled down with help of another Sim, that can be anyone from Child to Elder.
But those activities are restricted to 1 neighbourhood only.

Hiking is a fun new family moment (or friends, or lovers, or whatever you want), where Sims will finally actually walk together, and socialize. There are several hiking paths around the world.
And the ultimate hike is the one up to the top of Mount Komorebi.

Lifestyles are a new way to give your Sims more individuality, as the way they life can impact they will respond to things. Lifestyles aren’t set in stone though, you can always change them by living a different life.
Another way to give Sims more personality is Sentiments, which is actually a base game update coming, Sentiments are small snippets of memories or feelings, that will impact the way they act around each other. If you Sim has a negative Sentiment about another, why will get tense or angry even.

Build buy and CAS are both really inspired by the Japanese culture. There are traditional items as well as modern items. And things that will help keep your Sims warm.


I personally like the theme of this pack. I’ve always been interested in Japanese architecture as well as traditions. I also love snow, so basically, this pack ticks a lot of likes for me.

That the skiing and snowboarding isn’t on a half pipe for once, but actual slopes is sooo much better to me. The tricks Sims can do, and the buffs they get when they fail are also really thought through.
And the world itself looks gorgeous. The spaces between the lots in a neighbourhood seems to be so much better used than in other worlds. It is interactive, there are parks, places to hike, and just pretty scenery.

I do wonder how long the ski and snowboard skill holds up, especially as they are limited in 1 neighbourhood. You can’t build a slope somewhere else.
I Love that toddlers can go sledding with children and don’t necessarily need an adult. Though same as with skiing and snowboarding, this can only be done in 1 place. So in other worlds they can never sled, even if you have seasons and you have snow there.

This pack is however filled with other features I think do hold up with cross pack play and long term play ability. The Lifestyles change the way Sims react to certain activities, and Sentiments change the way Sims react to each other.

Overall I would score this pack quite high, but I am curious to see how that holds up long term.
I can never look into someones budget, so I can’t give advice if you should buy it or not. But hopefully our in depth articles will help you decide if this is the pack for you.

Thank you Game Changers Program for this opportunity

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