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The Sims Freeplay reduced LP cost!

Written by sww

Every The Sims Freeplay player will have noticed that the last update was not well received, the feedback I’ve seen was that after you’re so attached to your Sims – having them age up/die is not good! The LP cost to prevent this was considered too much and the developers have listened to you! Check out these updates that were put into effect already:

  • LP costs for Reset/Advance options for life-stages have been reduced.
  • The time that the Grim Reaper appears for Senior Sims has been pushed back to later in their life cycle; he’s also less creepy, as he no longer follows Sims around!


We’re still investigating by how much the LP cost has been reduced, but it is nice that they gave this to the Simmers.

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  • The only way I will be happy is when FM gives us back the ability to control our own Sims with aging, and stop the greed with LP points. I had one Sim who went from being a baby, toddler, preteen, teen, adult, then a senior before her parents reached senior stage! And I put her age back TWO times! You know what happened to Netflix in the US when they tried to mess with a good thing? Well FM went above and beyond their greed! I have turned off my in app purchase and no way having a baby replaces the Sim I worked so hard on to get them where they were. Oh and not to mention I am not getting my LP’s when I complete something 3/5 times!! FM went about this all wrong because what they did was free a lot of us from the attachment we had to our Sims and the willingness to make that Sim happy, with buying LP’s. For that I thank FM from the bottom of my wallet!!!