The Sims Freeplay

The Sims FreePlay: Road to Fame

Teen idols are finally here!
If you are at Lvl 25+, the new quest, “Road to Fame,” has finally been unlocked!
Completing this quest will unlock the Teen Idol hobby, and the SimTown Sign for building in your town (which acts like a Mysterious Island monument, providing a chance to earn HUGE bonuses when collecting rewards from locations in town view and being able to be upgraded).

You better hurry, though! This quest has a LIMITED EDITION Teen Idol Instrument Pack for completing it, but it expires in about 5 DAYS, so get to it!
Also, upgrading the SimTown sign to level 3 will unlock the Teen Idol mansion purchase. Teen Idol Mansion is a residential lot that can only be built on premium lots, and only Famous Teens can live in it.

What are you waiting for? Go become a Teen Idol today!



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  • I am trying to do the road to fame quest and I have played the instruments over and over..I try to put them on the internet put I don’t see the option to put the song on the internet? please help!!!

    • I’m sorry, what do you mean? There is no option or step to put the songs on the internet… Reread the step carefully – it may be telling you to use a computer for something else?

  • I am having a difficult time collecting the resources to upgrade the Famous Sim town sign. My idol has found all music notes and has done nothing but play instruments aside from going to school. I still can’t upgrade to level 1 let alone 3

    • I am using LP to finish the sign. I believe the newest update has added a way to get more of the resources needed to upgrade it each time you complete the hobby, but there’s also an EXTREMELY rare chance you may find one of the resources by doing normal actions, as well!

  • I’ve unlocked the drum kit in the road to fame goal but I cannot find it in the hobby store of teen area of the inventory. Can you help.

    • Sorry for replying so late!
      There should be a blackboard on the fishing pier in the park. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  • I’m on the last day of the teen idol quest and I need one more rare note to complete the quest. However , I do not have the 3 star microphone. I have 5 lp I just need 5 more lp to purchas the 3 star microphone. Any suggestions on how to get free lp fast before the quest time runs out ?

  • Hi, I have completed first 3 songs and bought both the guitars. But the teen is not ready to play anyone of them. How can I write the six songs.

    Kindly suggest.

  • Where is the blackboard in the park? I am trying to “create a plan to become famous”for my teen and it’s not anywhere to be found.also,why won’t the stack of magazines “teen celebrity “just gossip?