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The Sims Mobile – Update February 2020

Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims Mobile got a new update!
The GIF they shared earlier on Twitter shows a day and night cycle! Finally placing lights will be functional.

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Day and Night cycle

As the image showed, we will get Day and Night cycles in The Sims Mobile.
This will only be on home lots, the venues itself will stay in their current day or night states.
You will have control over the time of day on your home lot. Set it to always day, always night or day/night cycle in settings.

With night time, you will also need functional lights. You can tap on lights to turn them on or off, you can also set them automatically and you can also turn all lights on or off from 1 light.

Landgraab Avenue

Have you ever heard of the Landgraabs? They are a rich Sims family with a long legacy. So it’s not strange avenues and places are named after them.
That includes this new huge home lot you can unlock.
Starting from Level 18 you have the chance to unlock Landgraab Avenue.
The lot is larger than the other home lots. The price is also higher because of it. But the price is fixed, so it doesn’t matter how many other lots you’ve unlocked, the price will remain the same.
It costs §500,000 and has a waiting period of 7 days. Or you can instantly unlock for 1,000 SimCash.

The new lot even comes with a bonus item, a fountain! This fountain can be stored if you don’t want to use it, or it can be used on other lots. The fountain outside the bounds of the lot is permanently there though.

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