The Sims 4

TS4 – Self-Employment Coming Soon in an Update!

Written by deagh

Sul Sul, Simmers!

Earlier this month we heard from SimGuruKate that the October patch would be postponed because some of the planned features, like the new Style Influencer Career and terrain manipulation tools, needed some more polish to be ready.

Vixella has confirmed that there is another new addition coming – Self Employment! Your Sims will be able to use their phone to register at the Ministry of Labor, and they’ll be able to give themselves whatever job title and description they want! The possibilities, for both good and evil, are endless!

We’re thrilled that this feature is being added – it was a great feature in The Sims 3 and we’re glad it is coming back. I know I have some business owners who will be registering at the Ministry of Labor as soon as they can.

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