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Upcoming Venue and PC: Maybe something more than Glass Blowing?

Written by sww
Whenever we get any The Sims 3 store hints, the Sims community on twitter and forum goes insane with speculations.

There was a long list posted and @SimGuruCopeland has helpfully eliminated some of the options. Glass blowing has already been confirmed by @SimGurutatertot with a screenshot (see below).

Personally I really (REALLY) hope that perfume making, jewelry crafting and metal smelting are real possibilities. I can imagine it already: collect ingredients (flowers, gems, etc) and then craft away in the new Premium Content! What do you think “Incredibly awesome” could be? 😉

• Catwalk
• Bakery
• Carousel
• Carnival Venue
• Corn
• Chocolate making/candy making
• Restaurant
• Spa/salon
• Tea set/tea house/tea room

But it still could be any number of the following:

• Glass blowing
• Perfume making
• Jewelry crafting
• Metal smelting
• incredibly awesome (OK, maybe I threw this one in there.)


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