Welcome to the new Platinum Simmers!

Written by sww

I’m very happy that we’re finally able to share with you the new site design. If you’ve visited our site before you will see that this new design is much lighter and modern. It’s also responsive, this means that no matter which device you use to browse Platinum Simmers, it should work great for you!

With this new design, we’re getting ready for more articles, guides and The Sims 4! New game has to come with an updated site design after all.

The site is not completely finished yet, there are currently many placeholder links (link just goes to #, they don’t load a new page) in the menus. These basically require time on our part to fill up and will be done as soon as possible!

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new design 😀 If there is anything you miss or whatever else you feel like sharing.

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