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How to get SimCity Buildit to work on PC.

Written by sww

I love the new SimCity Buildit game, but I usually only play on my phone while travelling. When I’m at home I play games on my computer. Did you know you can play Mobile Apps on your PC? For this to work you need the following:

  • a Google account (it can be your gmail)
  • Bluestack app player – The software is free, but then charges $2/month unless you download apps from Bluestacks sponsors (wikipedia – I have no experience with this yet)
  • Optional: Facebook account (This is for synchronization between your phone and PC)
Download and set up Bluestack app player
Bluestack app player is an Android emulator. This means that it emulates an Android environment on your PC and let’s you use and play Android Apps. It is worth noting, emulators very often will be a bit laggy as they are simulating an environment instead of having a dedicated Android environment. So you might notice some lag in the app!

You can download the Bluestack app player here.

Use all the standard options to install it. Initializing takes a long time, do not worry about that.


Once installed it get’s a bit tricky, you need to connect to the play store. Search for SimCity Build It at the left top. It won’t find the app at first and then it will ask you to connect to online store. Sign in with your gmail account or create a new google account.


As soon as you have gone through all the options of syncing your app player to android/google account search for SimCity Build It again and download it, in my case it is already installed.


Play SimCity Build It

Start the game and play it, you will notice that it is a bit laggy. But you got the game on your PC!


The way to control your game will take some getting used to, remember this game is optimized for tablets/phones, not PCs!

What about the game on my phone/tablet?

If you want to continue with your savegame from your phone/tablet, you can sync it through two ways.

  1. If you have an android device, you’re in luck and you can sync through the google play store or Facebook
  2. If you have an iOS device you will need to use Facebook.

Play SimCity Build It in the Bluestack App player till you can build a town hall. Then go to settings and click on of these options:


It will ask you if you want to lose the city you just build for the sync’ed version, say yes and there you have your previous city.



Have fun!

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