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The Sims 4 Cottage Living – Build Buy

Written by Annabelli_22

Thanks to the EA Game Changers program I had the opportunity to play the new expansion pack The Sims 4 Cottage Living for about a week.
I only had Base Game and Cottage Living, and the software I had is not yet final, so there might be slight changes before release. We try to keep our reviews objective, so you can make your own decision, but any opinions in the review are our own.
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Build buy

It doesn’t look like a lot in this image, but I used a big lot to show case the items, and I didn’t showcase all colour variations. Some items are also wall mounted, so they take up less space.
We get a few objects in almost all categories. New bed, new sofa, new kitchen, some clutter, doors, windows, roof decor. (Fish, no new Toddler beds)

There is a nice variation of pre built rooms, although not one with an animal shed, which is a shame given the theme.


There are 2 types of debug. The ‘regular’ debug, and the world items.
One you unlock with bb.showhiddenobjects and the other with bb.showliveeditobjects
Aside from all the cool world objects you can place on lots now (think trees, tractors, flowers, patches of grass)
You can also find the golden and evil chickens in debug, all the animal treats, and all the variants of produce the animals can give.
And also the animal clothing you can get from the Creature Keeper.
Llamas and cows are in debug (even all colour options) but you can’t place them from debug in any way.

Pond tool

The pond tool will be a base game feature, but it comes with the patch just before this pack. So I will briefly cover it here as well.

To create a pond, you just manipulate the terrain to create a ‘dent’ in the ground. There has to be some form to contain the water around.
You could also lift the edges up instead, an make a hill with a bowl in it (a tiny water volcano/caldera?)

Once you have your water, you can add water spawners, a fishing allowed sign (which can be scaled down, luckily). and plants and decoration.

You can place rooms directly over ponds, to make a floating look. But, you can also have them flooded a little bit, which can create some very interesting scenarios. Can’t wait to see what the community does with that.

And there you have build/buy.  Lots of new items, and lots of new opportunities for builders to get creative!

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